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About This Course

Do you enjoy cycling?

Are you looking for a different summer holiday experience instead of “sun-sea-sand”? Are you a cycling enthusiast who wish to ride through the ancient cities of Anatolia and stay at bicycle-friendly hotels?

Then, Türkiye should be your next destination!

From west to east, and from summer to winter, Türkiye has something to offer to bike enthusiasts who would like to take on a different approach to their vacation or who would simply like to enjoy the freedom of exploring a beautiful land on two wheels.

Türkiye, known as the bridge between Asia and Europe, and a melting pot of civilizations, has increasingly become a popular destination for bicycle tourism thanks to recent regulations by the State and investments by private and public sectors. With an ambitious goal of an economic contribution of €4 billion in the medium-long term, the country has implemented many programmes to complement bikers’ experiences, including offering them accommodation facilities that are bike friendly. These facilities must employ knowledgeable staff on cycling, be equipped with the amenities that bikers require, prepare dedicated menus for this special target audience.

Marmara, now the most industrialist region of Türkiye, has been a true cradle of civilizations through the centuries where they carved their traces on every stone of the region. Stroking pedals on the historic streets of Istanbul, crossing the bridge during special events, exploring the shores and local life of this globally renowned metropole is absolutely a life-time experience for every biking enthusiast.

And which biker can refuse to go on a trip where they explore some of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear waters, while pedalling with the warm TurkAegean wind on their faces. Turkish Riviera coasts on the other hand are more challenging, offering equally great rewards on the famous backdrop of the Turkish Riviera.

A verdant region where blue meets green, Black Sea coasts and their warm locals with their unique sense of humour will make you forget that you’ve just climbed up thousands of meters with your bike. You can always be sure that you’ll get great hospitality, great food, and local Turkish tea while visiting the region.

Embracing the bikers with its nature and mystical atmosphere is the Central and Eastern Anatolia Region. Posing an incredible contrast with the lushy evergreen scenery of the north and south, the Anatolian plateau is embellished with some of the most artistic wonders of the Mother Nature, like the fairy chimneys, while bearing the traces of men since the earliest times of the human history, like Çatalhöyük, Mount Nemrut, and the ruins of Ani.

Türkiye invites you to explore this land of natural bounties, rich culture, and warm locals with your bike. Discover Türkiye at your own pace, see beyond what has been told, and be ready to be amazed!

What Will You Learn?

After completing this module, you will:
  • Get more insight about cycling in Türkiye and transfer more information to your clients, especially those who are professionally interested in the sport,
  • Get in-depth knowledge on some of the major routes for road, MTB, and e-bike in Türkiye,
  • Get the grasp of where to go for cycling, and then you will be able to add this internationally popular sport option in your packages to offer your clients,
  • Attract more clients as you’ll expand your offerings,
  • Expand your knowledge about bicycle tourism,
  • Learn more about the local and international cycling championships organized in Türkiye, and consequently promote them abroad,
  • Get more insight into the cultural and natural bounties that visitors will witness along their cycling trip to Türkiye,
  • Able to offer e-bike alternatives to your clients, and
  • Have the complete list of Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facilities in Türkiye.


  • Computer,
  • Internet

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