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About This Course

Golf, one of the oldest sports in the world and the fourth most popular, was first introduced in the Turkish land back in the westernization period of the last years of the Ottoman Empire. With the increasing demand in golf courses and major developments in sports and alternative tourism in Türkiye, paired with the State incentives, golf has become increasingly more popular among locals while Türkiye has become an attractive golf destination thanks to its luxury resorts with their high-quality service to the visiting golfers who are known to have more distinguished tastes than mass tourism visitors.

Antalya, especially Belek, is the golf heaven of Türkiye, offering PGA branded and signature golf courses at international standards, 5-star hospitality service on the background of the imprints of history, aligned with lush forests, turquoise waters, unique food & drink experiences, and sunny weather.

What Will You Learn?

After completing this module you will:

  • Get in-depth understanding of the global golf industry and golf tourism spendings,
  • Understand the dynamics of golf and the relationship between golf and various types of tourism,
  • Get more information about why golfers prefer Türkiye as a golf destination ,
  • Answer your clients’ questions about why and where to go to Türkiye for golfing,
  • Be able to offer your clients a higher added-value alternative that includes both sports and tourism,
  • Have a complete list of the country-wide golf clubs and courses.


  • Computer,
  • Internet

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