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About This Course

İzmir is the 3rd biggest city in Türkiye and the biggest city of Aegean Region. The city has a very rich history and a stunning coastline full of authentic small Aegean towns. and amazing crystal-clear turquoise waters. From beautiful sandy beaches to and bike trails, impressive shopping alternatives to water sports options, fish restaurants to street delicacies on side streets, the city is the place to be for visitors. You will receive valuable information to meet the needs of different customer profiles and acquire the skills to better sell İzmir as a tourist destination.

What Will You Learn

You will learn about İzmir, its city centre and districts. Touristic highlights of the city will be grouped according to their location. Route ideas will help you design your itineraries in the most suitable climate. Culinary traditions of the city as well as nature and outdoor activities and sports opportunities will be showcased for your visitors. This course will point out the experiences for all types of visitors: families, shopaholics, dilettanti and so on. You will also discover beyond İzmir, the day excursions in the vicinity of the city.


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