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About This Course

This course contains necessary detailed information about Türkiye’s southwest region of Muğla. Muğla is one of the most popular locations for holiday-makers in Türkiye today, with tourism being the backbone of its economy. Previously home to numerous civilisations, such as Caria, Lycia, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk, Menteshe, and Ottoman, this course covers Muğla’s rich history and what it has to offer tourists. It covers the geography and location of Muğla, as well as the climate, local customs, and traditions. With paradise-like beaches and coves, miles of oxygen-rich pine forests, and the longest shoreline in the whole of Türkiye, this course provides details of places tourists should visit while in Muğla, things they can eat, and activities they can enjoy

What Will You Learn?

You will learn about the specific districts in Muğla and what each one uniquely offers to visitors, such as Bodrum, Fethiye Marmaris, and Datça. You will know details about the various sites of historical interest throughout the region - from ancient city ruins to old temples and outdoor archaeological museums; visitors to Muğla are enchanted by the insight into the past that these relics and sites provide. From horse-riding to paragliding, there is a broad selection of exciting and fun activities for the whole family in Muğla. You will also learn the details of the many beaches, coves, and sports activities available to visitors to Türkiye.


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