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Health and Wellness


About This Course

With a holistic health-centred culture and a long history steeped in traditional health remedies, Türkiye is one of the number 1 global destinations for medical tourism today. As a hub of the latest health and wellness treatments globally available, this course introduces the Turkish approach to health and wellness and provides an overview of what guests to Türkiye can expect. From nature's natural health benefits, such as thermal hot springs, to the history of the traditional Turkish bath, the hamam, visitors to Türkiye will appreciate its commitment to prioritising health and will be delighted with the various treatments on offer. From life-saving cancer treatments to state-of-the-art dental reconstruction, patients in Türkiye can access some of the best doctors in the world in hospitals equipped with the latest technology.

What Will You Learn

You will learn about all the traditional wellness therapies available in Türkiye, the history of Turkish spas and hamams, and the location of Türkiye's natural thermal hot springs. You will learn how the Turkish diet and the wild herbs in Türkiye can be part of a healthy lifestyle. You will learn about Türkiye's substantial contribution to global medicine through the innovative work of its excellent doctors and how to introduce guests to Türkiye, ready to enjoy ultimate health and wellness.


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